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Vertex Integrated Services Pty Ltd is committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service and support. We are able to offer a synergy of cleaning, security, waste management and maintenance offering a complete integrated soft services solution.
At Vertex, we are driven by the passion to continually assist property owners and managers by customising the delivery of our services according to their specific needs. We appreciate that it is critical for us to engage with our clients and fulfill their requirements since every site is different. Our service delivery involves the development of a cost effective solution while we simultaneously identify, manage and mitigate risk.
We implement a strict recruitment process to ensure that the best available employees are appointed. The recruitment process entails selecting existing or new staff, screened and matched to establish teams at each site in accordance with their expertise and personal attributes to ensure that they are well equipped and encouraged to contribute their best to the site. This system allows us to continually motivate employees by utilising their individual skill sets, harnessed by our training and procedural operations.

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