Our Platform - Compliance


Vertex Integrated Services is currently getting accredited for Quality Assurance (ISO 9001:2008), WH&S systems (AS4801:2001) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001:2004) to comply with Australian Standards.

Best practice quality standards will be achieved by the upholding the following procedures:

  • A rigorous recruitment process to discover quality employees
  • Incentive and Motivational programs to achieve and exceed benchmark standards
  • Individual duty statements issued to all employees
  • Encouraging pro-active attitudes within the organisation
  • On-going training and assessment programs.
  • Customised Quality Assurance rate sheets are introduced and utilised on a weekly inspection programs
  • High quality site and area supervision
  • Constant risk Management and Quality Assurance Inspections and Audits

Vertex Integrated Service’s practice on Environmental Management Systems in conjunction with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004.
We have taken steps to address both the general and site-specific environmental concerns inherent to the cleaning industry. We strive to maximise our contribution to solving specific challenges of our clients in this increasingly important area of concern. We are committed to providing superior environmental management practices.
In order to demonstrate our commitment to reduce waste, Recycle Water and Save Energy, we promote awareness with our customers and employees to address the following requirements:
  • Resources: Vertex will conserve resources through all processesby ensuring products and machines are used efficiency.
  • Energy: Vertex will reduce electricity usage.
  • Water: Vertex will maximise water efficiency in all our processes.
  • Pollution: Vertex will reduce overall pollution of our air, ground water, storm water, soil and noise.
  • Waste: Vertex will constantly strive to reduce our waste, particularly by maximizing our resource efficiency.

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