Our Responsibility - Environmental


At Vertex, we believe our corporate responsibilities include protecting the environment. Earth is not humanity’s trash can and Vertex is committed to preserving our limited available resources for future generations. It is our obligation to protect the Earth, rather than ignore the harmful impacts of pollution, over-used energy supplies and excess waste. That is why we have developed an accredited environmental management system. This system helps identify products or services that could affect the environment. To assist the system we have adopted policies, codes of practice, guidelines and international standards, which exceed legislative compliance. All this ensures the best outcome for the environment. Every Vertex employee receives training and development in the company's environmental system focusing on recycling and sustainability. Vertex uses and offers the following environmentally friendly products and services:
  • Chemical free cleaning products and machinery
  • Reusable microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Water recycling products
  • Biodegradable products
  • Waste management (recycling) consultancy
  • Green fleets range
  • Paperless transaction and reporting

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